Monday, July 30, 2012

Nail tutorial: How to Hearts

Mondays mean it is time for manicures. It is MANICURE MONDAY. This really is my favorite day of the week. The day where I try out all the great nail ideas that I find on Pinterest. I'm getting better at painting my nails. It really is a process to paint my nails.

I always make sure to push back the cuticles. This really is a good step to make your manicure better. I picked two OPI colors. Color number one is conquistadorable color and the second color is DS coronation. The DS color is one of the best glitters I've used. It takes several coats but it goes on nicely.

Making a heart on your nails is actually really easy. All you do is make three dots on your nail and connect them with the polish. As I have said the past few times I've done my nails I do not use a dotting tool. I just use the end of a paper clip. I think a dotting tool will be my next purchase.

Here is a little photo to show you how to make the hearts. It's on glossy paper so doesn't look too great.

That is all I had to do for my nails this week. It was simple and easy. I hope you learned something today. I'd sure love to see some comments if you're out there reading this! Another Pinterest manicure Nail'd it.

Ally Norm

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