Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nail tutorial: Iron Man nails

It's amazing all the things you can do with your nails by yourself. I'm not a huge fan of getting my nails professionally done when I can paint them myself. One day I'll figure out how they get the polish to last for so long. Of course pinterest inspired a new nail idea. I had a party to go to on Saturday. It was an American themed party. I decided since most people would be in a costume I would rock my flapper dress I bought for halloween a couple of years ago. The dress is red with gold accents. I wanted my nails to match. I picked my two favorite OPI colors, Bling Dynasty and The Thrill of Brazil. 
All you need to do to get the stripe on your nails is add tape. I usually use masking tape. I don't know if it really works better or if my mind just tells me that it does. The trick to the tape is making sure that when you pull it off the polish is still slightly wet, and you do it slowly. I've found that even if the polish pulls up a bit when you take off the tape it's nothing a top coat can't fix. I am not a huge fan of the OPI top coat that I have :( it's so thick that it makes my nail polish bubble EVERY time. I went out and bought a Sally top coat. It was cheaper compared to OPI. Plus, you cant seem to go wrong with a bottle of Sally.
Here is the final product. This was take two... I wanted the stripe to be really thin. My first round it came out thick. So, after take two I've said I Nail'd it :) After looking at it I came to the conclusion my nails look kind of like Iron Man. It's just kind of perfect with the Avengers coming out like a month or so ago.

Ally Norm

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