Monday, July 16, 2012

Nail tutorial: Don't be a cheetah

Mondays mean it's time for me to do my nails. I like to do my nails every week. I can't stand it when my nails start to chip :( This just brings me back to saying I wish that I could paint my nails and have it stay chip-free like they do at nail salons. However, I do love to do my nails. I will use any excuse to paint them often. So, in the end, I guess this works out.

Animal print is all the rage. This is why I decided to paint my nails cheetah print. I found some great tutorials off of The Beauty Department and The Polished Medic. Cheetah print is great because you can never paint each nail the same. Plus there are so many different color varieties to choose from. You can keep the print classic or colorful.

For my cheetah print nails I used OPI cover me in petals as the base coat, OPI bling dynasty for the cheetah spots and OPI what's a tire jack? for the spots. If you couldn't tell I have a love for OPI polish. The only polishes that I have are not OPI have been purchased for me.

Step one: Paint your nails all over with one color
Step two: Wait for your base coat to dry
Step three: Use a dotting tool to create spots. I used the a paper clip (done in bling dynasty).
Step four: Wait for dots to dry
Step five: Create half circles around each dot.

When creating the cheetah print not all dots need to be 'spot on.' The fun with this is that some dots can be larger, smaller, more oval and etc. If I had extra room on my nails I just simply added some spots in black. The final step was to add a top coat after all was dry.

I like to say I've Nail'd it.

Ally Norm

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