Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friendship bracelets: Knot your average friendship

Friendship bracelets are one of my favorite crafts. Ever since I was little I have been making friendship bracelets. Last summer my best friend and I decided to start making them again. It started off with making one or two bracelets until I had the above photo.

I have made friendship bracelets for my boyfriend, my best friends, my co-workers, my grandma and my littles in the sorority. One of my littles has needed at least 4 bracelets. Hers keep falling off. Why is beyond me. Mine always stay on for so long!

Last summer I was so into friendship bracelet making that I had practically everyone at my work making them. It's very easy to do when your job is slow. Sadly, sometimes it was a waste of string when they couldn't get it right.

I have even sold some of my friendship bracelet creations. That just makes me happy :) I wish I had the free time to make a bunch and sell them in a craft show. Until then, if you have your eye on one of these beauties let me know. I take requests ;)

Ally Norm

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