Monday, July 30, 2012

Nail tutorial: How to Hearts

Mondays mean it is time for manicures. It is MANICURE MONDAY. This really is my favorite day of the week. The day where I try out all the great nail ideas that I find on Pinterest. I'm getting better at painting my nails. It really is a process to paint my nails.

I always make sure to push back the cuticles. This really is a good step to make your manicure better. I picked two OPI colors. Color number one is conquistadorable color and the second color is DS coronation. The DS color is one of the best glitters I've used. It takes several coats but it goes on nicely.

Making a heart on your nails is actually really easy. All you do is make three dots on your nail and connect them with the polish. As I have said the past few times I've done my nails I do not use a dotting tool. I just use the end of a paper clip. I think a dotting tool will be my next purchase.

Here is a little photo to show you how to make the hearts. It's on glossy paper so doesn't look too great.

That is all I had to do for my nails this week. It was simple and easy. I hope you learned something today. I'd sure love to see some comments if you're out there reading this! Another Pinterest manicure Nail'd it.

Ally Norm

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glitter iPhone charger: A little glitter in your day

In my last craft post I showed how you can wrap your headphones in embroidery floss to make them original. This post is all about making your phone charger more original. It is really easy to do and makes a small amount of time.

Things you will need:
-Phone charger
-Mod podge
-Clear acrylic sealer
-Paint brush
-Mixing bowl

This whole tutorial is rather simple.
1. Mix together your glitter and mod podge. I bought extra fine glitter. You can do this with any loose glitter. Also, I mixed it in a sour cream container. I'm really glad that I did or else I would have ruined a nice bowl. My dad would NOT have liked that.

2. Simply use the paint brush to paint on the glitter.It takes a couple of coats so just apply until you're happy. When I glittered the cord I made sure to tape the plug parts so that I didn't get glitter on it and mess things up.

3. After all is dry add a coat of acrylic sealer. BOOM you're done!

I love the way mine turned out. Everyone at my work loved it. My best friend also asked me to do this to her charger. Now I spend my days thinking of everything else I can apply glitter to that is in my house. This really could get bad! Glitter iPhone charger - Nail'd it

Ally Norm

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nail tutorial: Lots'a dots

This manicure Monday involved dots. I used two different colors that were Sally Hansen's White On and OPIs Orge-the-Top Blue. Orge-the-Top Blue goes on so nicely. It takes two solid coats, and it looks great. Plus, I just love all the names for the OPI colors. This one was from the Shrek collection.

I painted my nails alternating colors. Then with the opposite color added dots. It really is that simple. I do not have a dotting tool for my nails. I really do need to invest in one. Right now I just use the end of a paper clip in order to make the dots.

I have a lot of patience when it comes to doing my nails. I love hearing when people tell me they like my nails, and I can respond, "Thanks I did them myself." I got that a lot with the cheetah nails I blogged about last week.

Stay tune for Wednesday when I will have a tutorial on how to glitter just about anything :) All girls love glitter (hyperbole?)

So, I bid you ado. Nail'd it

Ally Norm

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wrapped headphones: Headphone flossin'

In one of my last post I spoke of my love for friendship bracelets. Embroidery floss has many other uses. This one is like a mix of my love for friendship bracelets and my iPhone headphones. I'm sure everyone that has a pair of headphones knows just how annoying they can be. Before you put them away, you make sure they are nicely rolled up. The second that you put them in your pocket, purse or etc. they become a jumbled mess.

There is a solution to this problem. You simply have to wrap your headphones with embroidery floss. The best part of this is that it is the same way to make a friendship bracelet. The bracelet is called the spiral bracelet or the Chinese staircase.

(1) Start off by gathering your headphones and the floss colors you would like. I picked five colors. (2) Tie the floss to the headphone right below the headphone jack. Make sure the headphone jack is pointing away from you. (3) Hold on to the headphone cord. (4) Use the floss to make a 4. (5) Pull the thread through the loop. Make sure you pull it tight. (6) Continue this process until you have covered all the cord.

Wrapping your headphones takes a ton of time to do. The end result is really worth it though. Your headphones will no longer tangle when you put them in your pocket. Also, your headphones will look really cool and colorful. All of my friends always ask me to wrap their headphones. Here is what my headphones look like!

There is also another way to wrap headphones with perler beads. This way is very easy. You just cut the beads and pop them onto the headphones. This may take less time than wrapping them with floss. It is going to take more beads though.

Another one for the books. Nail'd it

Ally Norm

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nail tutorial: Don't be a cheetah

Mondays mean it's time for me to do my nails. I like to do my nails every week. I can't stand it when my nails start to chip :( This just brings me back to saying I wish that I could paint my nails and have it stay chip-free like they do at nail salons. However, I do love to do my nails. I will use any excuse to paint them often. So, in the end, I guess this works out.

Animal print is all the rage. This is why I decided to paint my nails cheetah print. I found some great tutorials off of The Beauty Department and The Polished Medic. Cheetah print is great because you can never paint each nail the same. Plus there are so many different color varieties to choose from. You can keep the print classic or colorful.

For my cheetah print nails I used OPI cover me in petals as the base coat, OPI bling dynasty for the cheetah spots and OPI what's a tire jack? for the spots. If you couldn't tell I have a love for OPI polish. The only polishes that I have are not OPI have been purchased for me.

Step one: Paint your nails all over with one color
Step two: Wait for your base coat to dry
Step three: Use a dotting tool to create spots. I used the a paper clip (done in bling dynasty).
Step four: Wait for dots to dry
Step five: Create half circles around each dot.

When creating the cheetah print not all dots need to be 'spot on.' The fun with this is that some dots can be larger, smaller, more oval and etc. If I had extra room on my nails I just simply added some spots in black. The final step was to add a top coat after all was dry.

I like to say I've Nail'd it.

Ally Norm

Friday, July 13, 2012

Field day Friday: Get it Taco Bell

I read this article today off of PR Daily. It just goes to show that some companies should not be messed with on Twitter. Taco Bell vs. Old Spice

I would say this is a job well done from Taco Bell. They were able to catch what Old Spice said about them on Twitter and respond back. Their response was very witty as well. I give kudos to the social media team that responded.

Taco Bell's response happened within 30 minutes of Old Spice's tweet. Neither tweet has been taken down. I am interested to see if Old Spice has anything to say. They called Taco Bell out for false advertising. This may have just back fired in their faces.

Taco Bell you have Nail'd it!

Ally Norm

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perler bowls and coasters:

Ever since I was a little kid perler beads were so much fun to play with. I loved making so many different things. As I got older, I stopped playing so much with perler beads and got into other crafts. (It was probably friendship bracelet making.) This left me with a ton of left over beads. I found a great craft to do with all of these left over beads. That would be to make bowls out of them.

Things you will need:
-perler beads
-oven safe bowl/dish
-cooking spray

The first step is to spray the dish with cooking spray. This helps so you can remove the bowl at the end. This also helps for the perler beads to stick to the bowl better. You need to have a single layer of the beads along the bowl. You can put the beads up as far as you like.

Once this is done preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place the dish in the oven. Then you cook the bowls for 15 minutes or until they are fully melted at the tops.

I use a muffin tin to make my bowls. My boyfriend always gets some of the things I make. I made him a bowl with his fraternity colors, which are purple and gold. Here is a photo of what my finish product turned out like.  

I have also gone the traditional route the perler beads. I made a housewarming gift for one of my friends. I was inspired by a Tiffany's box. Here is what the coasters turned out like.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nail tutorial: Remove that polish!

I love Pinterest for so many reasons. One of them would be this great way to remove your nail polish. I figured that I would share that with those reading :) This trick only uses one cotton ball and minimal time and effort.

The first step is to take a cotton ball and un-roll it. When the cotton ball is un-rolled it will look like the bottom piece of the photo. The next step is to rip the cotton ball in half. Then it will look like the top piece. The next move is to tear the cotton ball into strips. You will need ten small strips to cover all the nails. 

When you have all ten strips fill the lid of the nail polish remover. Dip the polish into the remover. Make sure that you do not dip the cotton strip in too much. If you get them too wet your whole hand will be soaking with nail polish remover. This is just a little photo of what your nails will look like with the cotton swabs on. If the cotton swabs are too long for the nail I fold it up.

After 2 minutes you can remove the cotton swabs. You can do this with the left over pieces from ripping the strips. You have to apply some force when you are removing the cotton swabs. It will not take all the polish off but it will remove enough. I use the left over piece to remove the left over nail polish. It already has nail polish remover on it so it makes it easier.

I hope that this trick helps. I know I won't be going back to the old way of taking polish off anytime soon. Whoever came up with this idea is a real genius. Someone that all us women should thank!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friendship bracelets: Knot your average friendship

Friendship bracelets are one of my favorite crafts. Ever since I was little I have been making friendship bracelets. Last summer my best friend and I decided to start making them again. It started off with making one or two bracelets until I had the above photo.

I have made friendship bracelets for my boyfriend, my best friends, my co-workers, my grandma and my littles in the sorority. One of my littles has needed at least 4 bracelets. Hers keep falling off. Why is beyond me. Mine always stay on for so long!

Last summer I was so into friendship bracelet making that I had practically everyone at my work making them. It's very easy to do when your job is slow. Sadly, sometimes it was a waste of string when they couldn't get it right.

I have even sold some of my friendship bracelet creations. That just makes me happy :) I wish I had the free time to make a bunch and sell them in a craft show. Until then, if you have your eye on one of these beauties let me know. I take requests ;)

Ally Norm

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nail tutorial: Iron Man nails

It's amazing all the things you can do with your nails by yourself. I'm not a huge fan of getting my nails professionally done when I can paint them myself. One day I'll figure out how they get the polish to last for so long. Of course pinterest inspired a new nail idea. I had a party to go to on Saturday. It was an American themed party. I decided since most people would be in a costume I would rock my flapper dress I bought for halloween a couple of years ago. The dress is red with gold accents. I wanted my nails to match. I picked my two favorite OPI colors, Bling Dynasty and The Thrill of Brazil. 
All you need to do to get the stripe on your nails is add tape. I usually use masking tape. I don't know if it really works better or if my mind just tells me that it does. The trick to the tape is making sure that when you pull it off the polish is still slightly wet, and you do it slowly. I've found that even if the polish pulls up a bit when you take off the tape it's nothing a top coat can't fix. I am not a huge fan of the OPI top coat that I have :( it's so thick that it makes my nail polish bubble EVERY time. I went out and bought a Sally top coat. It was cheaper compared to OPI. Plus, you cant seem to go wrong with a bottle of Sally.
Here is the final product. This was take two... I wanted the stripe to be really thin. My first round it came out thick. So, after take two I've said I Nail'd it :) After looking at it I came to the conclusion my nails look kind of like Iron Man. It's just kind of perfect with the Avengers coming out like a month or so ago.

Ally Norm