Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nail tutorail: Gradient Polish

I want to start by telling the world that I have missed blogging. Really, I have missed the ability to paint my nails. The life of the college student can be so exciting! *sarcasm* All I have time for is a regular polish of one single color. It really is sad when you compare it to all the fun things I used to do. Great way to stifle my creativity. Thanks college!

Well, now I found myself with free time to do my nails and blog! It's like a Halloween miracle :) Here is a very simple tutorial on how to do a gradient polish. It is fast and easy. It's perfect for that college kid on the go.

1. Grab the polish you will want to use. I grabbed OPI DS Coronation. It is an amazing glitter polish.
2. Paint your first coat over your whole nail.
3. Start the next coat a quarter of the way down and go to the end.
4. Continue these steps starting in the middle and three quarters of the way until the end.

These steps are easy. They will also leave you with a finished product. I am looking forward to seeing if these tricks work with a colored polish. I hope you enjoyed this blog. I sure have missed it!

Nail'd it. ;)

Ally Norm