Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glitter iPhone charger: A little glitter in your day

In my last craft post I showed how you can wrap your headphones in embroidery floss to make them original. This post is all about making your phone charger more original. It is really easy to do and makes a small amount of time.

Things you will need:
-Phone charger
-Mod podge
-Clear acrylic sealer
-Paint brush
-Mixing bowl

This whole tutorial is rather simple.
1. Mix together your glitter and mod podge. I bought extra fine glitter. You can do this with any loose glitter. Also, I mixed it in a sour cream container. I'm really glad that I did or else I would have ruined a nice bowl. My dad would NOT have liked that.

2. Simply use the paint brush to paint on the glitter.It takes a couple of coats so just apply until you're happy. When I glittered the cord I made sure to tape the plug parts so that I didn't get glitter on it and mess things up.

3. After all is dry add a coat of acrylic sealer. BOOM you're done!

I love the way mine turned out. Everyone at my work loved it. My best friend also asked me to do this to her charger. Now I spend my days thinking of everything else I can apply glitter to that is in my house. This really could get bad! Glitter iPhone charger - Nail'd it

Ally Norm

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