Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wrapped headphones: Headphone flossin'

In one of my last post I spoke of my love for friendship bracelets. Embroidery floss has many other uses. This one is like a mix of my love for friendship bracelets and my iPhone headphones. I'm sure everyone that has a pair of headphones knows just how annoying they can be. Before you put them away, you make sure they are nicely rolled up. The second that you put them in your pocket, purse or etc. they become a jumbled mess.

There is a solution to this problem. You simply have to wrap your headphones with embroidery floss. The best part of this is that it is the same way to make a friendship bracelet. The bracelet is called the spiral bracelet or the Chinese staircase.

(1) Start off by gathering your headphones and the floss colors you would like. I picked five colors. (2) Tie the floss to the headphone right below the headphone jack. Make sure the headphone jack is pointing away from you. (3) Hold on to the headphone cord. (4) Use the floss to make a 4. (5) Pull the thread through the loop. Make sure you pull it tight. (6) Continue this process until you have covered all the cord.

Wrapping your headphones takes a ton of time to do. The end result is really worth it though. Your headphones will no longer tangle when you put them in your pocket. Also, your headphones will look really cool and colorful. All of my friends always ask me to wrap their headphones. Here is what my headphones look like!

There is also another way to wrap headphones with perler beads. This way is very easy. You just cut the beads and pop them onto the headphones. This may take less time than wrapping them with floss. It is going to take more beads though.

Another one for the books. Nail'd it

Ally Norm

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