Monday, August 6, 2012

Nail Tutorial: Tips and Tricks

As a woman on the go, you need to do your nails in a hurry. I just recently read in Allure magazine that you should wait 25 minutes for your nails to dry. Who has that kind of time nowadays? It doesn't matter whether you're in college, a full-time job or a stay-at-home mom. We are busy women.

This blog is going to give you a few simple tricks to make your nails look great.

Trick number one: Push back your cuticles.
This is a trick that will make your manicure look better. This way the nail polish will adhere to the nail. When you polish over the cuticles the polish doesn't look smooth. I apply cuticle oil first and then push back the cuticles.

Trick number two: How to remove ripples from you nails.
Ever in a hurry to see if your nails are dry? You touch the nail and presto you can see a great finger print. There is an easy way to remove that. Go grab your nail polish remover. Put a little nail polish remover on the pad of your finger. Use slow, circular motions over the messed up area. That should cure the mishap. After you are done, apply a top coat.

Trick number three: How to remove the nicks you get.
You can remove nicks similar to the way you get rid of ripples. The only difference to this is first apply a dash of polish over the nick. Rub around the polish to even out the layers and add a top coat.

I just bought some Orly nail polish. This is the first time I used this brand. I really liked it. Here is what three coats of Jealous, Much? looks like. I love the sea foam color.

Ally Norm

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