Monday, August 20, 2012

Nail Tutorial: Fishtail

Doing your nails is something that patience. Today I did the fishtail method for painting my nails. Now, I can't do hair. The closest thing I can do to my hair is a plain simple braid. So, I tried it with my nails.

There isn't much to this. You just cross colors over your nails. I used Orly "Jealous, much," Sally Hansen "White on" and Ulta's "Tutu cute." This is a VERY long process. I only did it on one nail. I'm glad I skipped the other nails.

I learned one great thing about doing my nails today. That is if you touch your nail before it's dry wet your finger and rub on that spot in a circular motion. It gets rid of the mess that you just made.

Do you have any questions about nail polish or anything please ask!

Now, onto something else I'm excited to blog about. I have been running lately. My grandma walks. My dad bikes. My boyfriend swims. Everyone has their thing. I would love to run on the treadmill when I went to the gym. I really should have done track when I was in high school.

My first run was 13.22
My second run was 11.46

My goal is to cut my first time in half! Help keep me motivated. I would love to hear good running songs that you may have!

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