Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A fresh start: Guide to cleaning make up brushes

A fresh start...This applies for two reasons. One, today is my first day of my last year of college. It is exciting and a little nerve-wracking at the same time. Two, this blog will give your make up brushes an amazing fresh start.

Alright, here we go! Hope you're looking forward to the tutorial. It's rather simple really. You have some dirty make up brushes, and they need a good refresher. You are going to need three ingredients.

1. 1 cup of Hot water
2. 1 tbsp of dish soap
3. 1 tbsp of white vinegar

Mix all three of these together. I used dawn soap so my mix was a pretty light blue color. After that is mixed, dip your brush in and give it a swirl in the mixture. You will see the color change as it's cleaning off the brushes. When you are done rinse them off with water and leave them to dry.

This was the first time I've cleaned my brushes. That is really bad. I know ypu don't need to lecture me. The mixture was really gross that was a good enough scolding for me. I will say, I always wanted to clean them. I never wanted to pay for a solution, though. This is a great, cheap option while on a college budget. Did I mention it left my brushes SUPER soft :)

Below is a photo of before and after using Pic Stitch. Notice in the before the small brush is brown. In the after photo it is white. I literally had no idea that was the original color...oops!

Thank you all for reading!

Ally Norm

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