Monday, August 13, 2012

Nail Tutorial: Spackle

It's my favorite day of the week. That would be Monday. It's time to do my nails :)

First I want to start with saying thank you all that have been reading my blog! I really loved seeing the numbers jump from the last time I had checked. I started this blog not thinking I was going to get as many views. I have to thank Pinterest/Twitter for getting me out there. I hope you like what you see and continue to read.

Now, back to the nails. I have said in posts before that I wanted to make my polish last longer. I am so happy to say that from my last blog post my Orly color did not chip AT ALL. I went a whole week without ANY chipping. As woman we know this is basically a miracle unless you get them professionally done. Well, I finally did it on my own :)

This week I decided to go for a sort of spackle technique. It's a very simple tutorial.

Step one: Paint your nails with the color of your choosing. I used Orly Purple Crush. I now LOVEEE this brand, as well as this color.

Step two: Get a sandwich bag and crinkle it up. Put polish on the bag. I used OPI Lincoln Park after Dark. Everyone needs to own this color. It really is the best. By the way, my grandma calls it "ohh-pie." I just can't bring myself to tell her that isn't the brand name.

Step three: Dab polish onto your nail. It's that easy.

This can get a bit messy. The photo is what I mean by messy. I know that it will come off in the shower tomorrow. That is one thing I love about painting my nails and then showering.

I've becoming known in my family for my great nail techniques. My grandma made me use the Sally Hansen nail strips on her nails. They are supposed to last up to 10 days. Hers lasted four days. They were nice enough to send her a free set. Here are what her nails look like now! The design is really cool.

That is all for now. I will be glittering shoes on Wednesday. Keep an eye out :)

Ally Norm

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