Monday, August 27, 2012

Nail Tutorial: French Manicure

My past nail blogs I have talked about wanting my polish to last as long as they do in the salons. Well, I got that down :) This time I went from a salon type polish. I did my very own french manicure. I will no longer need to go to the salon. Keep in mind I don't like getting fake nails. My nails are already too fragile.

Doing a french tip was very easy. I took my white nail polish and painted the tips. Do not paint too far up the nail. The next step is to shape the polish. I am a college student. I use what is on hand. Q tips were my go to choice. I would love to have the polish brushes that salons have. One day I'll purchase one.

Now you're left with a shaped tip. Just think of all the possibilities you can do with this. All the color possibilities :) I used a pale pink glitter all over my nail. I then added a top coat. I am really happy with how it turned out. I looks like I just stepped out of the salon.


Nail'd It

Ally Norm

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